I guess I’ve been a writer longer than I’ve been anything else. I began writing my debut novel The Missing in 2019 and then began blogging about True Crime in Spring 2021.  But I’ve been writing poetry for decades, going back to my teenage years.  Most of it was written for myself or past girlfriends (none of which still exists 😅) – a couple more for my wife during the last 14 years of marriage.
          I suppose out of all of these writing endeavors, poetry has always been my favorite medium – while at the same time being the most restrictive.  I can write a True Crime topic if I’ll just put in the effort to research.  Writing a novel, in a sense, is simply putting imagination to paper.  But poetry, at least for me, demands an emotional connection not required or perhaps on a greater level than either blogging or writing a book.  I have to feel something – emotionally connect to something – to write a poem.
          Sometimes it’s a song.  Or perhaps the thought of a person.  Even a picture can capture my imagination and then touch my soul.  Sometimes, like many people, I just have “sad days.”  Whatever the emotional inspiration – sometimes a poem is born.
          Like many folks, I’m often guarded about letting my emotions show, but in the interested of being “real” or “raw” or whatever the hip word currently is, I’ve finally, hesitantly decided to share my poetry.  I hope you enjoy them and feel a touch of the emotion I did while writing them.  

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