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Who is...

Stephen Zimmerman

I am a storyteller.  

Stephen Zimmerman was born in a small town in west Texas. From Texas, to Oklahoma, Missouri and Africa, simplicity and modest living shaped Stephen’s childhood. In 2006, Stephen joined the United States Air Force.  During this time, he served two tours in the Middle East and was awarded a Commendation Medal, seven Air Medals, and the rank of Staff Sergeant…

Books by Stephen

The Missing

The Holiday Killer


The Boy with the Blue Light


Conversation with a Criminal

“The situation with AI training and copyright is indeed complex…” AI or Artificial Intelligence is big news right now. It’s also big business. And it’s accused of one of the most egregious heists in...

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Torture at Abu Ghraib

A word before we begin… It is my long-standing practice to refrain from showing any kind of graphic or potentially disturbing images on my true crime blog. However, since this crime story captured the...

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"It's clear that you're a talented writer. Wishing you all success in publication" - Logan Harper, Trident Media