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there’s beauty even in discarded things. – by stephen zimmerman ⬅back to the blog



This poem was inspired by a Twitter writing prompt on “age” by the always lovely Katelyn Buxton (@KBuxtonBooks). ⬅back to the blog Cover image by Tom Hussey. Used under a Creative Commons License.


The Ladies Man Killer

“I can’t say I’m normal…” Shawn Michael Grate, while not a household name like Ted Bundy, used his ladies-man charm to terrorized Central Ohio for a decade. A Mysterious Childhood Born August 8, 1976, in Marion, Ohio, Shawn Michael Grate has somewhat of a mysterious or missing childhood. The Wikipedia article on Grate says nothing …

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Crystal Ball

This poem was inspired by the featured photo at the top of the page thanks to a Twitter writing prompt by the always lovely P. F. Donato (@PFDonato). ⬅back to the blog


Why Write About True Crime?

I realize that True Crime isn’t going to interest everyone. Some people simply aren’t interested in crime stories, whether true or fictionalized. But I’ve also found that sometimes people who might’ve enjoyed the genre, unfortunately have been turned off from True Crime by sensation-seeking writers or those who glorify the violence of the crimes — …

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