Serial Killers


Psychological Phases of a Serial Killer

When I started this true crime blog, I promised you we’d go into the mind of a serial killer. So far we’ve looked at psychopathy and sociopathy. Now it’s time to go deeper. Interview with Death In the 1980’s, psychologist and author Joel Norris was researching psychopathy and his theory that violence is a disease …

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The Ladies Man Killer

“I can’t say I’m normal…” Shawn Michael Grate, while not a household name like Ted Bundy, used his ladies-man charm to terrorized Central Ohio for a decade. A Mysterious Childhood Born August 8, 1976, in Marion, Ohio, Shawn Michael Grate has somewhat of a mysterious or missing childhood. The Wikipedia article on Grate says nothing …

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Rodney Alcala: Serial Killer

“The Dating Game Killer” “He could play the chameleon: changing aliases, addresses, and occupations as it suited his devious purposes.” Rodney Alcala (born Rodrigo Jacques Alcala Buqour) portrayed all the classic traits of a psychopath: deceptive, manipulative, charming – and deadly. He displayed a stunning lack of conscience, playing a destructive game of self-gratification at …

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