Criminal Questions


Are All Serial Killers the Same?

Criminal Profiling In the late 1960’s, the FBI was desperate to get a handle on the growing phenomenon of the serial killer. Yet-to-be-caught serial killers such as Ed Kemper and Henry Lee Lucas were actively killing, while eluding arrest — both terrifying the public and frustrating law enforcement. Indeed this era, peaking in 1989, would …

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In Love with a Monster

Hybristophilia Hybristo what? The tongue-twister of a word describes romantic attraction towards someone who has committed outrageous, violent, and horrific crimes — the likes of serial killers and mass shooters. And it’s not a subconscious attraction. The fans and lovers of these monsters are fully aware of the crimes they committed. And in most cases, …

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Psychological Phases of a Serial Killer

When I started this true crime blog, I promised you we’d go into the mind of a serial killer. So far we’ve looked at psychopathy and sociopathy. Now it’s time to go deeper. Interview with Death In the 1980’s, psychologist and author Joel Norris was researching psychopathy and his theory that violence is a disease …

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Why Write About True Crime?

I realize that True Crime isn’t going to interest everyone. Some people simply aren’t interested in crime stories, whether true or fictionalized. But I’ve also found that sometimes people who might’ve enjoyed the genre, unfortunately have been turned off from True Crime by sensation-seeking writers or those who glorify the violence of the crimes — …

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